Devon International Group

Devon Health Services

Northeast's Largest Privately-Held Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

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Driving Innovation, Smarter Approaches to Containing Healthcare Costs

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Devon IT

Solutions for Thin Client Hardware Including Mobile Thin Client Technology

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Devon Medical

Global Medical Device Manufacturer & Distributor Committed to Safety

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Drug Testing & Drug Abuse Recovery Community

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Devon Office Furniture

A Leading Designer, Manufacturer, and Distributor of Office Furniture Products.

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Featured Blog Posts


Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are an important part of doing business because they are the most effective way to show that your company can be valued and trusted.  It is hard to ask for a testimonial without sounding like you are searching for compliments, so many times potential testimonial opportunities will be missed.  Here are some tips on how…  [ Continue Reading ]


DIG Continues to Fight Back Against Ebola

        It has been over a year since the CDC made its initial announcement in March 2014 of an Ebola outbreak affecting the lives of those living in West Africa.  During the first few months of the outbreak, the rate of cases increased at a shocking speed and health professionals in the areas were not…  [ Continue Reading ]