Dr. John A. Bennett, M.D., a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” founded the Devon International Group (DIG) in 2006 as means of tying together various related companies headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

DIG’s flagship company is Devon Health Services, Inc., the largest privately-owned Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) in the northeast United States. Dr. Bennett founded Devon Health in 1991 as a radiology-specific PPO with three employees. By 2005, Devon Health had grown to employ over 150 people and processed over $3 billion in claims per year.

In 2002 Dr. Bennett began visiting Europe and china to explore business opportunities, and was immediately attracted to “flat-world” business ideals. He realized that it was becoming easier and easier for international business to be conducted, fueled in large part by the power of the internet.
In 2004, Devon Health’s IT department began exploring alternative desktop computing models, finding that PCs and servers were large capital investments and replacing this equipment was very expensive. They purchased what are today known as “thin clients” – small computers with no hard drives that access sensitive data, applications, and files stored in a datacenter.

In 2005, after seeing success with thin clients, Dr. Bennett founded Devon IT and his team pitched the idea to Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC), the largest bank in China. ICBC ended up being Devon IT’s first client.

Devon Health and Devon IT’s success sparked diversification into other companies including Devon Medical Products, a global manufacturer, designer, and distributor of medical devices. Devon Medical Products was founded in 2005 and originally sold hypodermic needles, safety syringes, and other medical supplies. Today the company distributes various medical products for neurosurgery, venous insufficiency, the treatment of diabetes, and more.

Today Devon Medical Products has two ancillary e-commerce websites, Devon Superstore and Drug Test Central.com. Devon Superstore is an online pharmacy where healthcare professionals and individuals can purchase various medical supplies. Drug Test Central offers drug screens for employers, rehabilitation centers, government agencies, and parents concerned about child and teen drug use.

Dr. Bennett also launched Devon Office Furniture in 2005, an entity that sells cubicles, office chairs, desks, and other office furniture.