Dr. John A. Bennett, M.D: Founder, Devon International GroupDr. John A. Bennett, M.DFounder, Devon International Group

For the last 20 years, Dr. John A. Bennett, M.D., has been one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia area. A local and national leader in the healthcare and technology industries, Dr. Bennett is currently the President and CEO of the Devon International Group.

Dr. Bennett joined Delaware County Memorial Hospital as an emergency room physician in 1978. Three years later, he was elected to the hospital’s Medical Executive Committee and made Director of Emergency Services. In June of 1984, he was elected president of the Medical Executive Committee.

In 1984, he founded ATI Centers, Inc., which consisted of 13 outpatient diagnostic imaging and physical therapy centers located throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Fueled by immediate interest in the company, Dr. Bennett and a handful of employees set out to build a preferred provider organization (PPO) with services to encompass all provider specialties – and succeeded. Renamed Devon Health Services, Inc. in 1995, the PPO is now operating at the national level and covers 3,000,000 lives with a staff of more than 120 employees.

The success of Devon Health has given Dr. Bennett the opportunity to expand into the different sectors of DIG, including technology and international relations. He owns Devon IT, Inc. and a number of companies operating in the United States, China, and India.

Dr. Bennett is a true entrepreneur who identifies unique products and services that enhance global business. His work takes him throughout the world, where his international relationships and business partnerships help drive revenue in domestic markets.