Devon Cares

Devon Health Services launched Devon Cares, its philanthropic arm in the Greater Philadelphia area, in 1998. Today Devon Cares is supported by all DIG employees and enjoys success in helping the local community.

Devon Cares helps DIG’s employees give back to their communities. The group builds upon traditional fundraising models and develops new ways to raise money for charity, including bagged lunch days, coat and toy drives, and more.

Each year DIG’s employees donate time, money, and supplies to the Ronald McDonald House, the American Cancer Society, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and other local and national charities. Devon Cares also supports our troops fighting in various parts of the world.

Passage to Africa

DIG partners with companies in Sierra Leone, Africa, in an effort to stimulate an economy in this poor region. DIG’s funds help fuel transportation and manufacturing in this third-world company with hopes of creating jobs, healthcare clinics, schools, and more.

DIG is the co-founder of the Sea Coach Express water taxi service in Sierra Leone which provides safe travels across the country’s shoreline from the capital, Freetown, to various in-country destinations as well as surrounding countries. Sea Coach Express also offers services such as watersports, fishing, tourism expeditions, and more.

Sea Coach Express and DIG have also with eye centers and hospitals in Sierra Leone to offer medical services including free eye drops, operations, tests and glasses to the local population. Together they have helped over 3,000 suffering people obtain a better quality of life.

DIG employs over 200 people in the region.