Update: My Mom Will Walk Again: A Daughter’s Courageous Fight for a Cure


With Mother’s day on Sunday, we thought it was the perfect time to update you on My Mom Will Walk Again: A Daughter’s Courageous Fight for A Cure. Rachel Weber, a local high school senior has been raising money every year for the annual MS Walk for a Cure.  Her mom was diagnosed with multiple…  [ Continue Reading ]

First Quarter Wrap-Up

Spring has sprung here at our headquarters in Pennsylvania but we’d be remiss if we didn’t share with you the fantastic accomplishments of all of our Devon International Group affiliated companies from our very prosperous first quarter. Lenovo, the proud partner of Devon IT, launched their all-new ThinkCentre M600 Thin Client with Devon IT software…  [ Continue Reading ]

My Mom Will Walk Again: A Daughter’s Courageous Fight for A Cure

Rachel and Mom

Rachel Weber was five years old when she first realized her mom was different. She always thought to herself, “A walker was just something that helped you walk, doctors’ visits just happened every week, and grandmas just lived with you.” The painful reality was that Rachel’s mom, Carolyn had multiple sclerosis. As painful as that…  [ Continue Reading ]

Devon IT and Lenovo: The Importance of Good Business Partnerships

Business people in a meeting at office

Recently, Devon IT announced that its new Lenovo ® ThinkCentre ® M600 is now available.  This brand new thin client comes with a choice of either LeTOS ™, a Linux based operating system, or WES, a windows operating system and fully managed by LTM ™, industry leading thin client management software developed by Devon IT…  [ Continue Reading ]

Global Etiquette: Why Minding Your Manners is Crucial When Conducting Business in Another Country...


Did you know that if you have a business meeting in Russia, its ok if the Russian partners you are meeting are late? However, it’s not okay for you to be tardy or criticize them for doing so.  Often times, their lateness is a subtle test to see how patient you are?  Or that in…  [ Continue Reading ]

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

messy desk iStock_000018689955_Large

It’s a new year and for any business, getting organized needs to be the number one priority.  Sure, in a perfect world, businesses and their employees would be organized all year round but that isn’t really realistic.  In honor of National Clean Off Your Desk day, which was celebrated January 11th, we spoke to experts…  [ Continue Reading ]

The Race to Save Xinyu Yao

doctor looking at files iStock_000002930015_Medium

Premier Global Care is a medical tourism company working to get three-year-old Xinyu Yao to the United States for lifesaving treatment.  Yao lives in a province just outside Shanghai, China and was treated with radiation by doctors at a hospital there last year.  The radiation resulted in a massive infection that is ravaging the little…  [ Continue Reading ]

The Growth of International Business


According to a March 2015 survey by Wells Fargo, 80% of business executives that were surveyed agree that companies in the United States should expand internationally to ensure long-term growth and continued success.  The survey also found that China and Canada are the markets most important to U.S. companies today.  Even though the insight into…  [ Continue Reading ]

DIG Celebrating Summer with a Cool Company Party

DIG Summer Party

It is that time of the year again! The DIG employees got together to celebrate in the summer heat with a cool quarterly company party, complete with delicious foods, drinks and a chock full of exciting company news! Read on to find out more about what our DIG companies have been working hard on: Devon…  [ Continue Reading ]

Devon International Group Attending CEO’s China Operations Club


Devon International Group (DIG) gladly attended the 2015 CEO’s China Operations Club last month. This year’s event was hosted by DIG’s CEO, Dr. John A. Bennett, and his wife at their estate in Villanova, PA. CEO’s China Operations Club, an annual event hosted by the World Trade Center of Philadelphia, offers great opportunities for companies…  [ Continue Reading ]