The Social CEO


  Social Media has become an outlet not just for individuals, but for companies as well.  We get our news, connect with friends, and discover new businesses all while in front of our computer, phone or tablet.  Since it is so easy to stay connected, many consumers (3 out of 4) say that a company…  [ Continue Reading ]

Customer Testimonials


Testimonials are an important part of doing business because they are the most effective way to show that your company can be valued and trusted.  It is hard to ask for a testimonial without sounding like you are searching for compliments, so many times potential testimonial opportunities will be missed.  Here are some tips on how…  [ Continue Reading ]

CEOs on Social Media (Infographic)


With 59 percent of internet users across the world involved in at least one channel, social media is a great way for people all over the world to keep in touch and get current news updates.  There are some CEOs that take advantage of the free publicity by participating in social media, but sadly, a majority of…  [ Continue Reading ]

Should CEOs Be On Social Media?

CEO on Social Media

Over the years, social media exploded into a major source for news, networking, and of course, socializing.  Fifty-nine percent of internet users across the world are on at least one social media channel.  There are over 200 social media channels, Facebook being the largest platform and Twitter following in second place. People from all ages,…  [ Continue Reading ]

5 Tips For Interns From An Intern


For current college students, April is the month that will shape summer plans. The importance of internships and work experience for your career is no secret to most university students, yet getting the internship is only the first step. A summer internship is so much more than a step in the door to a company…  [ Continue Reading ]

Internship with DIG: Marketing and Content Generation


If YOU are an energetic and enthusiastic writer looking for a solid, paid internship where you can access tremendous learning opportunities and develop a writing portfolio with a knowledgeable and sometimes quirky marketing team, gain exposure to all facets of business including marketing, PR, advertising, branding, sales, operations, and corporate strategy, we invite you to…  [ Continue Reading ]

What Is An Infographic?

by MDG Advertising

An infographic or information graphic is a graphic visual representation of  information designed to convey complex data in a manner that can be quickly and clearly understood. Infographics provide an outlet to simplify the presentation of large amounts of information, data, or knowledge, and utilize graphics to easily show patterns and trends. Other terms used…  [ Continue Reading ]