My Mom Will Walk Again: A Daughter’s Courageous Fight for A Cure

Rachel and Mom

Rachel Weber was five years old when she first realized her mom was different. She always thought to herself, “A walker was just something that helped you walk, doctors’ visits just happened every week, and grandmas just lived with you.” The painful reality was that Rachel’s mom, Carolyn had multiple sclerosis. As painful as that…  [ Continue Reading ]

Devon International Group Attending CEO’s China Operations Club


Devon International Group (DIG) gladly attended the 2015 CEO’s China Operations Club last month. This year’s event was hosted by DIG’s CEO, Dr. John A. Bennett, and his wife at their estate in Villanova, PA. CEO’s China Operations Club, an annual event hosted by the World Trade Center of Philadelphia, offers great opportunities for companies…  [ Continue Reading ]

Events in Philly To End Your Summer Right

September 23rd marks the official end of summer, which is closer than we would probably like to accept. But with a month still left of summer, there is plenty of time left to enjoy the season. Philly provides several fun events each week that are sure to leave you with some memorable summer moments, and…  [ Continue Reading ]

7 Unique Ways to Workout In Philly

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                  Here at Devon International Group, we take our health seriously.  We also understand the struggle in finding workouts that keep you not only interested, but motivated as well.  Since we are headquartered near Philadelphia, we have made a list of fun options that are found around…  [ Continue Reading ]

E-Cigarettes Banned In Philadelphia

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Earlier this month in Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter signed a bill that bans the use of electronic cigarettes (otherwise known as “vaping”) in public places such as bars, restaurants and workplaces.  Those not familiar with the e-cigarette, it is a battery operated device that is used to heat liquid nicotine (and some other chemicals) in order…  [ Continue Reading ]

What’s Happening in Philly? Events for 4th of July

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America will be celebrating its 238th birthday this year.  As America’s birthplace, the city of Philadelphia has made certain that there is no better place to enjoy the Fourth of July.  With tons of events spanning before, during and after the holiday, there is fun that will fit every schedule.  Aside from the obvious parades…  [ Continue Reading ]

TapSnap: Digital Photo Booth Fun for Guests, Lead Generation for Organizations

DIG marketing pros Darren Behuniak and Junchu Du trying TapSnap out.

I don’t believe I’m alone in thinking that Facebook became the behemoth it is because of people’s obsession with photos – and their growing passion to share them with the world. People are uncontrollably drawn to pictures of their friends and family, total strangers, and of course, themselves. Enter creepy “selfies” and another billion dollar…  [ Continue Reading ]