Collaboration is a key principle of the Devon International Group.

Our companies’ leaders meet routinely and share ideas and business approaches that transcend industry. The employees of DIG’s various entities are also encouraged to work with each other to solve problems, brainstorm, and create more efficient business processes.

Cross-marketing is also heavily encouraged, as overlap between healthcare, technology, and international business can be frequent.

Please see below the companies under the Devon International Group umbrella.


Devices for Innovative Pre-emptive Care

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Smartifi MD

Smart Medical Device Technology for Next Generation Health Care

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Devon IT

Industry’s Leading Software Solutions for Thin Clients and Virtual Desktops

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Devon Office Furniture

A Leading Designer, Manufacturer, and Distributor of Office Furniture Products.

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Online Retail Pharmacy Serving Hospitals, Nurses & Individual Patients

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Drug Testing & Drug Abuse Recovery Community

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