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Devon IT is an innovator and expert in the thin client computing and virtual desktop industry. Devon IT develops thin client operating systems and the industry’s most advanced thin client management suite. By partnering with leading desktop hardware manufactures such as Lenovo,  Devon IT provides the best thin client and virtual desktop solutions available today.

Since 2005, Devon IT has been a pioneer in creating virtual desktop solutions that reduces the reliance on PCs. Today the company’s products and services provide all-sized customers with greater security, enhanced manageability, improved reliability, and lower costs.

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Featured Products

  • Lenovo® ThinkCentre® M73– Packed with power, the M73 comes in a tiny form factor. The ThinkCentre® M73 utilizes Intel® Celeron processors to deliver faster performance while running either WES 7 or LeTOS and manageable by Lenovo Thin Client Manager (LTM. This state of the art thin client is a solution for any organization looking to maximize productivity while minimizing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Lenovo® ThinkCentre® Tiny-In-One – A unique modular all-in-one solution offering a separate CPU and monitor refresh unlike most traditional AIO solutions. The 23-inch wide LED/ LCD display, with 1920×1080 resolution and front and back tilt angles, provides stunning visuals at any angle. The Tiny thin client has a simple tool-less setup in just 15 seconds. Simply slot and one power cable powers both monitor and Tiny with Tiny installed inside TIO.The ThinkCentre® Tiny-In-One is a complete all-in-one thin client desktop solution that utilizes the ThinkCentre® M73. It combines the advantages of a thin client with the utility and flexibility of an integrated monitor enabling users to access their virtual desktops.
  • VDI Blaster™ Software – This innovative software transforms PCs into thin clients for under $25.00 per seat. Users download VDI Blaster™ on their old PCs and the software gives the user access to their existing Windows® desktop and all files, which are saved in a datacenter. The software extends the useful life of PCs and thus capital investments. 
  • LTM™ Thin Client Management Software – This software developed exclusively by Devon IT for Lenovo®, helps organizations centralize the management of their thin client and virtual desktop environments. Administrators can replicate management profiles and display, sound, keyboard, mouse and network connections. Echo™ is available for free with the purchase of thin clients or VDI Blaster™ licenses.