Smartifi MD

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Smartifi MD is a partnership that combines the capabilities and intellectual property of Devon Medical Products and ACM Systems LLC. Smartifi MD, designs, develops and promotes an array of ‘smart’ medical devices. This new medical device platform allows for remote monitoring enabling healthcare professionals to provide a higher level of patient care.

The Smartifi MD cloud platform and application services are designed to be ‘plug-and-play’. Set up is straightforward and easy enough for the patient or clinician connecting to the platform the moment they are taken out of the box and turned on. The solution includes prepared asset management reports, operating status, record of treatment and alert history, and an API (application programming interface) to easily import the data to other EMR/HER applications. For real-time notifications, providers simply add contact information – e.g. phone numbers and/or email.


A smart pump will make it easier to acquire and manage the pump asset, track usage, provide technical support and produce the documentation that is essential to reimbursement. Automation through cloud services streamlines and lowers the cost in every step of the process.

Clinicians prescribing the smart pump will know whether patients are adhering to treatment plans and can play a more active role in the healing process with real-time event driven data. The right information at the right time will allow for better coordination of nurse visits with patient needs leading to fewer readmissions, avoidance of complications and costly interventions.

In a market driven towards consumer commoditization; product differentiation, ease of use, and convenience are the key.