While the days of swimming pools and summer camp are winding down for the year, our friends at Team Children are busy. Very busy.


Meet some of the Team Children busy bees!


Team High-Tech ready to rock & roll

After browsing through Team Children’s website and visiting their facility, our philanthropic arm Devon Cares found out more information about the organization. Team Children is a non-profit based in Audubon, PA. The group’s mission is to ensure equal opportunities for every child using digital tools. They are working on increasing literacy for children in below-poverty-line-income families by recycling and selling computers to the families at a very low price. The computers come with free educational software developed by Team Children’s volunteers to teach kids how to count and read. Some computers even include an interactive electronic encyclopedia.

The organization’s leader, Robert Toporek, spearheaded the program and has been committed to eradicating the “digital divide” for years. But when you talk to Robert, he’s clear that it’s his volunteers that make everything possible. From IT technicians to students to office task workers, Team Children boasts a team of dedicated volunteers. Their PR volunteer has even helped them get featured on a variety of Philadelphia TV and radio stations – check them out on the air!

Darren Behuniak-Robert Toporek

Devon Cares member Darren Behuniak with Team Children Founder – Robert Toporek

Darren Behuniak-Junchu Du-Robert Toporek-Katy Kling

Devon Cares for Team Children
(Left to right – Junchu Du, Katy Kling, Robert Toporek, Darren Behuniak)

But with all non-profits, Team Children needs more support. Devon Cares is deeply inspired by the group’s efforts and proudly raised a donation of $200.00 from Devon International Group employees. On August 14, on behalf of Devon Cares, Darren Behuniak, Katy Kling and I visited with Team Children to deliver the donation, along with our promise of providing computer devices and possibly, volunteer help in the future.

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By now, you may have wondered about these incredible people here. Please let me share some of their stories with you.

Do you see the boy in the middle with a blue cap? Meet Pranav. He is 12, and this is his first summer with Team Children.

“My mom’s friend told me about Team Children,” says Pranav. “That’s how I started volunteering. I learned a lot about computers and technologies from the people working with me. It has been some fun and positive experience.” Pranav is now back in school, but he has expressed a strong interest in returning as a volunteer whenever he can.



In 2001, while he was making a career transition from youth administration to technology, Joe’s aunt introduced him to Team Children. He is currently one of the very few people who gets paid. His daily duties include both working with kids, teenagers and parents on education, and with the technicians on solving computers issues.

“I find this project very meaningful that we use technology to help kids start early,” says Joe. “My favorite part is to see the children and parents come back from summer to summer, with much better skills not just intellectually but also interpersonally. These are the skills they get to keep for a whole life.”


This young man with a style is a recent graduate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Brian says, “One day a friend of mine asked me if I would like to go with him to pick up a computer, that was my first time here. And then, I decided to stay for a while. ” He is the director behind the scene for most of the video and photo presence of the organization, such as some of the pictures above and this one below.

We wish Team Chilren all the best of luck, and will continue to help them in their efforts! For more information on how to get involved, please contact Darren Behuniak at dbehuniak@devonintlgroup.com or 610-755-4958. To donate to Team Children, visit www.teamchildren.com/how-to-donate.asp.


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