Devon International Group is reaching out to the community and employees to pull together medical supplies needed to get ahead of the Ebola disease spreading in West Africa.

Devon International Group (DIG) announced today, they have created an Ebola Relief Efforts Program to pull together medical supplies, protective gear, and donations throughout the community and nation to join the fight against Ebola.

DIG’s Ebola Relief Effort Program focuses on collecting the proper medical supplies and protective gear to assist healthcare workers in Africa to fight back on the rapidly spreading Ebola disease and stop the spread to start saving lives.  The outbreak has spread through portions of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

“We want to be able to pull our community together to help aid organizations and communities in West Africa with the resources they need to stop the Ebola outbreak”, stated John A. Bennett M.D., CEO and Chairman of Devon International Group.  “Ebola is spread through direct contact with blood, secretions, organs and other body fluids of those infected, dead or alive, and the proper protective gear is vital to get this disease epidemic under control and stopped”.

By donating medical supplies and protective gear, DIG’s Ebola Relief Efforts on fighting back against Ebola will help provide potential to build stronger disaster-response capacity.  Funds will be used for medical supplies to care for those already infected and protective gear to keep healthcare workers safe and capable of fighting back.

Medical Supply and Protective Gear donations can be sent to:

Devon International Group
Att: Deborah Ogden
1100 First Avenue
King Of Prussia, PA 19406

For more information or to coordinate local drop off (or pick up) of donated supplies; contact Deborah Ogden, Director of Marketing and Communications at Devon International Group at 484-636-3373 or

“We cannot even begin to imagine the panic and trauma the people are facing oversees and we need to come together and provide the native African communities with the proper medical supplies to fight back on this deadly disease that is sweeping their  homes”, says John A. Bennett M.D.

About Devon International Group
The Devon International Group (DIG) is a multinational group of businesses with over 500 employees worldwide whose goal is to provide, through its companies, products and services that are unique, innovative and affordable. DIG companies operate across the world and span the healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, and international trading industries. DIG’s headquarters are in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and the Group has offices in Sierra Leone, Ireland, London, Lithuania, Bangalore, India, Shanghai, and Beijing.

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