Recently, Devon IT announced that its new Lenovo ® ThinkCentre ® M600 is now available.  This brand new thin client comes with a choice of either LeTOS ™, a Linux based operating system, or WES, a windows operating system and fully managed by LTM ™, industry leading thin client management software developed by Devon IT exclusively for Lenovo.

The Devon IT partnership with Lenovo has long been an important and fundamental pairing.  Devon International Group has  always been fascinated by and passionate about anything business  related so we delved deeper into business partnerships and found some interesting elements that make them work and crucial things that will almost certainly guarantee they will fail.

A 2011 article that appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine discussed four key elements that are necessary for any partnership to succeed; trust, respect, shared vision and values, and honest and open communication.

If you take a look at famous partnerships over the course of the past decade more often than not, each partner has a skill set that complements the other and acknowledging your partner’s strengths can be a critical key for success.

Each partner needs to “acknowledge that no matter who did what or how much, nothing could have been accomplished without the work and contribution of the other,” said Lee H. Igel, Ph.D., assistant professor at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies in the Entrepreneur article.

With the Devon IT and Lenovo partnership, each company and their experts contribute a unique set of strengths that truly balance one another and have resulted in a powerhouse team.

“The Devon IT partnership with Lenovo has been strong from the beginning.  Since the partnership’s inception both companies have worked tirelessly to support one another and the strong foundation of trust, respect, and values the partnership was built on is poised to lead both companies into even further success and profitability for years to come,” said Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT.

For more information on the M600 and its high-performing Intel Celeron processer, fanless design, and 8GB memory, please visit Devon IT’s website or contact us directly with your questions or to set up a webinar.




Christine Olley

Christine Olley is the Marketing Project Coordinator for Devon International Group where she handles blogging for Devon Medical Products, Social Media Management, and a variety of other creative and administrative tasks for the Devon Companies.

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