DIG company Devon Medical announced last week the worldwide launch and availability of its revolutionary foot dressing for use with its extriCARE® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system.

Wounds on patients’ feet have traditionally been difficult for NPWT to heal due to the anatomical nature of the foot. This area of the body has various angles and contours that make it difficult to create a seal around the wound bed necessary for successful negative pressure treatment.

Devon Medical's foot dressing kit for use on non-healing wounds.

Devon Medical’s foot dressing kit for use on non-healing wounds.

“We are ecstatic to add this innovative NPWT dressing to our line of wound care products as we believe it fills a void in patient care,” says Chip Ross, wound care veteran and Devon Medical president. “Caring for wounds on the toes and areas of the feet with negative pressure has traditionally been very difficult, with the challenges being the formation and keeping of a seal throughout treatment as well as skin maceration. We expect our new foot dressing to revolutionize the way caregivers succeed in using negative pressure technology in this anatomical area of the body and hope to give more patients access to the wound healing benefits that NPWT provides.” Read the full press release.

This is the latest NPWT dressing in Devon Medical’s line of wound care products. Learn more about how the foot dressing is applied in our video section. Not familiar with NPWT? Don’t worry, many people aren’t.  But this is a fast-growing industry ($2 billion in the U.S. and expected to double in the next two years) that is helping people on a daily basis treat non-healing wounds, and Devon Medical’s extriCARE® NPWT system is in the middle of the growth. Learn more about negative pressure wound therapy.

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