extriCARE® 2400 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump

extriCARE® 2400 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Pump

DIG company, Devon Medical Products is proud to announce that it has received Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance to market its portable extriCARE® 2400 NPWT pump with its foam dressing kits. This has further expanded Devon Medical Products’ extriCARE® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) wound care product line – just a few months earlier, its hospital unit extriCARE® 3600 NPWT pump announced receiving FDA clearance with the foam dressing kits.

The lightweight, portable and battery-powered extriCARE® 2400 is extremely user-friendly. Together with Devon Medical Products’ various sizes of anatomically fitted NPWT patented bandage dressings and foam dressing kits, the extriCARE® negative pressure wound therapy system create a tight seal around the wound to remove exudates, infectious material and tissue debris from the wound bed and bring blood to the wound which may promote the healing process. The foam dressing kits come in two different sizes and utilize a foam pad under an adhesive film that can be applied directly to the wound bed.

“With this FDA regulatory approval, it is a huge advancement for our extriCARE® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy product line,” says Chip Ross, president of Devon Medical Products. “Our extriCARE® pumps were designed with the patient in mind. We can now confidently offer our customer a complete solution in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for all care settings. Our system addresses a multitude of wounds and offers a great deal of flexibly and choice with our pumps, canister and diverse dressing solutions.”

To view the full press release, please visit Devon Medical Product’s News Room.

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