As many of our customers and partners know, our organization is dedicated to making cost-effective and innovative healthcare and IT products available to the masses to help improve quality of life. We have had the very proud privilege of making both financial and philanthropic advances in various parts of the world. We’d like to share the success of our latest effort in Sierra Leone, Africa.

Patients wait to be treated at the eye clinic in Freetown, Sierra Leone. July 2013.

Patients wait to be treated at the eye clinic in Freetown, Sierra Leone. July 2013.

Together with our friend Olusegun Jaji, CEO of our partner company Sea Coach Express, we were able to help administer free eye care services for approximately 1,500 people in Sierra Leone. Mr. Jaji and his team set up a nine day eye treatment clinic where citizens of Freetown, the country’s capital, and Lungi could seek free treatment for eye infections and other ailments. The medical services offered included free eye drops, operations, and tests, and some people even received free glasses. Various publications in the region covered the event, including the Sierra Express Media.

DIG helped form Sea Coach Express in 2010 with the goal of creating a safe passageway via water from the Lungi Airport to the Governor’s Wharf in Freetown, as opposed to the treacherous drive up the country’s coastline. What started as a small operation with one boat has begun to thrive. Today there are nearly 50 boats in the fleet and 200 employees. Services have expanded to include tourism rides, fishing, water sports, and corporate commuting to other countries.

DIG and Sea Coach Express seek to parlay this success to help create more full-time health clinics, develop manufacturing sites to build boats and other means of transportation, and expand travel inland. These functions are intended to create jobs, stimulate an economy, and help Sierra Leone slowly but surely create economic advancement.

We have high hopes for this initiative. Please contact us if you would like more information on how to help our “Passage to Africa”!

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