Devon Medical Products at EWMA 2014

Devon Medical Products at EWMA 2014

DIG is proud to welcome back its Devon Medical Products crew from the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Conference in Madrid, Spain last month. The crew, led by Dr. John Bennett and Devon Medical Products president Chip Ross, had a very successful showing with Coloplast, their international Denmark-based partner who is also one of the world’s leading wound care and management companies. Here is a re-cap of all the exciting news and events that happened during the show:

Partnership with Coloplast and More on the Show

Last year, an international distribution agreement was signed between Devon Medical Products and Coloplast under which Coloplast was given the exclusive rights to distribute the Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) products in the European Union, Brazil, China and other non-U.S. markets. Coloplast is currently helping the patients in Brazil, Switzerland and Greece, and they will be expanding to the rest of Europe, China, South Korea, and South Africa.

Gayle Jameson, Devon’s director of clinical nursing, was instrumental in showing both the Coloplast team and the wound care professionals that visited the booth how the extriCARE® device works to help people every day. The extriCARE® device is very small and portable so it allows patients to get out of the hospital faster and into their home to experience treatment. This is something that not only is cost efficient but also enables patients the mobility to heal while still enjoying their lifestyle.

Rita: extriCARE® Negative Pressure Patient Story

We invite you to watch this heart-warming video with us and see how Devon Medical Product’s extriCARE® negative pressure wound therapy pump helps heals Rita’s wound while allowing her to live her life enjoying her true love of music. This video was shown in the Coloplast booth and in a symposium with over 600 attendees. We are so proud of stories like Rita’s and look forward to helping more people simply feel better.

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