Shanghai downtownDid you know that if you have a business meeting in Russia, its ok if the Russian partners you are meeting are late? However, it’s not okay for you to be tardy or criticize them for doing so.  Often times, their lateness is a subtle test to see how patient you are?  Or that in China, the presentation of business cards is an extremely important part of closing a deal?  You may be looked at unfavorably if you treat it casually or never present one at all.

For a multinational group of companies like Devon International Group, these little nuances of global manners and etiquette are very important as it could make or break a very important business opportunity in another country.

“Learning social codes also enable social advancement, since it facilitates membership in a class or a different culture,” said Catherine Soulas Baron, the founder and CEO of Le Savoir-Vivre Ltd, Academy of Etiquette and Modern Manners, a school that offers training in etiquette and modern manners especially in relation to business.

Soulas Baron is passionate about educating individuals in this topic for many reasons, one of the most important being cultural harmony.

“Understanding these codes of conduct, courtesies and good manners constitutes an essential bridge leading to the establishment of improved communication, as well as privileged and long-lasting relationships between individuals of different cultures,” she said.

“As for business prestige, many firms seek professionals who can perform perfectly in a globalized workplace,” she added.

Some major infractions of global manners and etiquette that Soulas Baron tries to correct with her U.S. clients are speaking too loudly, naming people by their first name immediately, saying hi or hello instead of good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, dressing too casually, and their lack of knowledge about other cultures which considered a sign of disrespect.

“Success relies as well on leaving behind a personal card which makes a lasting good impression and strengthens business relations in a long run,” Soulas Baron said.

“Style, form, and good attitudes play a major role in successfully conducting business meetings worldwide and navigating through a more complex work environment,” she added.

Soulas Baron believes that anyone can be taught how to interact better especially when dealing with international business clients.  She said developing your global mindset and awareness, simply asking if your actions are appropriate and respectful, and continually training yourself in these practices are easy ways to perfect your global business manners and etiquette and become an international business leader.

“A good reputation and a good education based on displaying distinction and elegance, as well as generosity and graciousness, always confers advantages,” she said.

“Knowing how to handle all situations is the mark of a Leader.”

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Christine Olley

Christine Olley is the Marketing Project Coordinator for Devon International Group where she handles blogging for Devon Medical Products, Social Media Management, and a variety of other creative and administrative tasks for the Devon Companies.

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