Events in Philly To End Your Summer Right

September 23rd marks the official end of summer, which is closer than we would probably like to accept. But with a month still left of summer, there is plenty of time left to enjoy the season. Philly provides several fun events each week that are sure to leave you with some memorable summer moments, and…  [ Continue Reading ]

What’s Happening in Philly? Events for 4th of July

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America will be celebrating its 238th birthday this year.  As America’s birthplace, the city of Philadelphia has made certain that there is no better place to enjoy the Fourth of July.  With tons of events spanning before, during and after the holiday, there is fun that will fit every schedule.  Aside from the obvious parades…  [ Continue Reading ]

5 Tips For Interns From An Intern


For current college students, April is the month that will shape summer plans. The importance of internships and work experience for your career is no secret to most university students, yet getting the internship is only the first step. A summer internship is so much more than a step in the door to a company…  [ Continue Reading ]

TapSnap: Digital Photo Booth Fun for Guests, Lead Generation for Organizations

DIG marketing pros Darren Behuniak and Junchu Du trying TapSnap out.

I don’t believe I’m alone in thinking that Facebook became the behemoth it is because of people’s obsession with photos – and their growing passion to share them with the world. People are uncontrollably drawn to pictures of their friends and family, total strangers, and of course, themselves. Enter creepy “selfies” and another billion dollar…  [ Continue Reading ]

Go Out and Give Back

Philanthropic events in Philly

Trying to make the most out of your summer? Check out our list of exciting upcoming events in Philadelphia where you can have fun and support local philanthropic organizations!                     Night of Comedy (July 18) Join the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LSS) at the Helium Comedy Club…  [ Continue Reading ]

Ongoing Summer Events in Philly


Philadelphia is a hot summer city, with tons of events and activities each week. It can be challenging  to keep track of the different events and plan them around your schedule. That is why we have come up with a list of events that are recurring throughout the summer, so you can pick the date that…  [ Continue Reading ]

Devon International Group Trade Show Round-Up

Darren Behuniak, the Director of Marketing and Communications for the Devon International Group, met with me to discuss our companies’ trade show appearances so far in 2012, and explain what we’ve achieved and what trends we’ve seen at these annual events. DIG Staff: What trade shows did the Devon International Group’s companies attend this year?…  [ Continue Reading ]