I don’t believe I’m alone in thinking that Facebook became the behemoth it is because of people’s obsession with photos – and their growing passion to share them with the world. People are uncontrollably drawn to pictures of their friends and family, total strangers, and of course, themselves. Enter creepy “selfies” and another billion dollar innovator, Instagram.

These thoughts were on my mind during a train ride into Philadelphia last week to attend the Philadelphia Public Relations Association’s (PPRA) Summer Social event at Revolution House (very cool place – 200 Market St. if you’re in town.) I was looking forward to seeing a live demo of TapSnap™, a “digital photo booth” of sorts and a popular new trend in event planning and promotions. PPRA had arranged for Benjamin Bender, the franchise owner of TapSnap 1013 in southeastern Pennsylvania, to bring his equipment and get feedback from some of Philly’s top PR pros.

A look at TapSnap's technology from the Greater Philadelphia franchise's Facebok page. Green screens are coming soon too!

A look at TapSnap’s technology from the Greater Philadelphia franchise’s Facebok page. Green screens are coming soon too!

I expected TapSnap would provide a creative, sleek new approach to group pictures that would rival three or four half-looped party-goers awkwardly squeezing into a photo booth and making weird faces. What I didn’t expect to see was such a passive and fun approach to photo sharing, corporate branding, and real-time lead generation.

TapSnap is fun, first and foremost, and plays right into the photo taking and sharing so popular these days at parties and events. Ben gave us all a tour of the technology, inviting everyone to have their picture taken. As usual, photo bombing ensued.

A large touch screen monitor serves as the main area for interactivity. We were able to add notes to the pictures, insert icons like pirate hats, etc. But what I found most important was TapSnap’s ability for guests to enter their email address to immediately have the picture sent to them and the ability to share directly on Facebook and Twitter. So while the technology can be fun for guests, it can be a tremendous score for the host’s marketing campaigns

Darren Behuniak-Junchu Du

DIG marketing pros Darren Behuniak and Junchu Du trying TapSnap out.

Hosts and sponsors leverage email data they receive as leads, and can follow-up by sharing the pictures on their own social channels. The pictures can be branded by logos as well to provide even more awareness.

As Ben told us, some of his customers post the links of their event photo albums on Facebook and send the list to the email addresses gathered. This strategy garnered thousands of unique visitors by leveraging social media channels.

TapSnap’s model is very interesting. I can envision technology replacing the old-school photo booths at weddings, birthday parties, and other events. But the corporate world would be smart to use TapSnap to provide a fun addition to events while generating leads and winning views, likes, and followers on their social platforms.

Below is some more information about TapSnap. If you’d like to get in touch with the group, please email me at dbehuniak@devonintlgroup.com.

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  1. Terrific Article! Glad you enjoyed Tapsnap. We are a new franchisee of Tapsnap in Fairfield County, CT. We hope to have someone like you help promote us, as well. Thanks.
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