Wellness programs offered at work are growing more in popularity as time goes on.  In companies with over 50,000 workers, more than 91% of employers have some type of health promotion in place, according to a study from the U.S Department of Labor.  For many of these employers, it is a way to keep costs of healthcare down, being that a healthier workplace means healthier employees.  Wellness programs used to mean having a gym on-site or motivational signs on the walls, but now businesses are taking more steps to assure their employees are provided with the best possible resources for staying healthy.

Zappos Headquarters offers employees free salads and healthy foods, has an on-site fitness center, nutrition classes, provides insurance for your pets, and has an on-site Weight Watchers for employees. Microsoft’s headquarters has a bike shop, spa, dry cleaner, sports fields, and pharmacy all on-site.  Also offered by Microsoft are free health screenings and flu shots, as well as a doctor that makes house-calls. General Mills’ headquarters has a healthy salad bar and vending machines, Fitness Friday where employees play sports at lunch time, a smoking cessation program, healthy cooking classes, and Weight Watchers meetings. SAS’ headquarters has fun food photo contests and knife skills classes, an on-site gym with classes, massage therapy, nail salon, and classes for topics such as improving confidence and coping with stress.

DIG cares about our employees’ health, also.  During our Health & Wellness Fair, a walking club was started for employees. Routes of different distances are set up for members to choose from, and we highly encourage employees across DIG companies to walk together and socialize amongst themselves. Other than the walking club, DIG started a “We Dig You” employee appreciation committee to enhance and boost office morale. Our building service team is also currently working on bringing a gym into the building in the coming year!

Your health should be important to you, as well.  Make sure that you are taking advantage of all the discounted and free programs that your workplace offers its employees.  Talk to HR at your job to make sure you know everything that is offered.  If your workplace doesn’t offer benefits or incentives, ask your insurer because many insurance companies offer something such as weight and stress management, and smoking cessation.

What does your job do to keep you healthy?  Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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